Basic Styles of Questions

There are 3 ways in which questions are styled for market research studies to gather information:

1. Open Ended Questions

A web form is provided where respondents can type their answers to a question in their own words. Unlimited text responses can be collected – however limits to number of characters can be set if needed.

2. Closed Ended Question

Questions that are presented with a list of answer options for the respondent to select.

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3. Rating Scale Questions

Scaled questions help measure attitudes, beliefs and intentions by presenting list of options with number of rating scales in a two dimensional format.

More Questions

An alternative to traditional rating scale or numeric questions for interactive user experience.

slider question
Here's an example of a numeric slider type question.

numeric slider
Semantic differential Question allows to rate two attributes on opposite ends and respondent records a preference of one over the other.

bipolar question
Allows to rank attributes over a 5-point scale to evaluate a list of items.

star rating question

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