Online Shoppers

Discovering What Online Shoppers Want: UPS Annual Study

Your customers are everything. As a company, you have to continue to evolve in meeting the needs of your customer. More and more, you must rely on feedback and data to help you keep up.

That’s why we want to share with you UPS’s latest consumer study, Pulse of the Online Shopper. We were blown away by the wealth of information contained in this five-part report. The first part, below, focuses on how consumers use digital technology.

Sean Flaherty, Vice President of Global Retail Strategy for UPS, notes that last year e-commerce continued its double-digit growth rate. The report delves into which devices online shoppers use, how they search, and what influences their purchasing decisions.

Get comfortable. Download UPS Ebook – Volume 1. You will surely find information here to help you engage online shoppers and grow your business.

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IMAGE: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain